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Join us in Windsor for the Spring Regional Parkinson's Conference! Hope to see you there!

Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) invites those living with Parkinson’s disease and seniors out of isolation and into an artistic community where they can dance and connect with others. Our online and in-person classes provide accessible, safe and fun opportunities for participants to explore the artistry and potential of their own movement, while experiencing social, cognitive and physical benefits. This presentation will introduce you to the benefits of dance and movement for those living with Parkinson’s and their care partners.

  • DWP’s mission and vision
  • What inspired Sarah Robichaud to start the program
  • Why dance? Overview of relevant research
  • Building community online: How DWP adjusted and adapted during the pandemic
  • Overview of DWP’s arts and community-engaged programs
  • A brief dance/movement demonstration

Speaker: Sarah Robichaud

Sarah is a classically trained dancer and choreographer who graduated from The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. Transitioning from dance Sarah became a North American Fitness expert on CBS Early Morning Show and CBC’s Steven and Chris. She is also a published health and fitness author. Sarah’s passion for Dancing with Parkinson’s ignited in 2007 when working as a personal trainer with Andy Barrie to help him find ways to physically help his body manage his PD through Movement. She was inspired by the Mark Morris Dance Group’s innovative PD dance class and immediately trained with them in NYC. Sarah is now the only certified Canadian in the Dance for PD Method and is a founding member of the Dance for PD Network Canada.

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