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Gary Dallner:

Gary began his volunteer career with Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) in 1996 when a friend and fellow volunteer from a local Optimist Club encouraged him to get involved in the London Parkinson’s walk. Gary became the corporate sponsorship coordinator and was very successful at securing sponsors over the eight years in the coordinator role. Although Gary’s roles and responsibilities have changed over the years, he is grateful for the friendships he has made and for having the opportunity to give back to the community.

Neil Tenney:

Neil has been volunteering with PSSO since the late 90’s. Like Wayne, he has a variety of volunteer duties and is a Signatures’ committee member, while making himself available upon the needs of PSSO. Neil, a retired language teacher, puts his professional skills to good use by proofing The Parkinson’s Update as well as other written materials. Neil likes to volunteer for PSSO because he feels appreciated, has made many new friends and admires the people he has met living with Parkinson’s who have maintained positive attitudes.

Wayne McManus:

Wayne has a friend and former co-worker who has lived with Parkinson’s for many years. Wayne visits his friend regularly to talk and offer his support. His friendship led to becoming involved as a regular office volunteer over the past nine years. Wayne is our resident ‘Jack of all trades’ because his volunteer duties vary significantly. Wayne has been involved in everything from a Signatures’ committee member to office maintenance and everything in between. Wayne feels that volunteering is a two-way street – he gets satisfaction out of helping others. It is very rewarding!

Supporting our Supporters!

What do these three men have in common?

  • They are involved in volunteering for Parkinson’s events.
  • They enjoy the friendships they have made through volunteering at PSSO.
  • They support our supporters – they get together for lunch on a regular basis so that they can support the restaurants participating in Signatures. They encourage others to frequent these restaurants as well. For a complete list of participating restaurants and caterers, go to

Gary, Wayne and Neil encourage others to support the Parkinson’s community by volunteering. To find out how you can become a volunteer, email or call 1-888-851-7376.