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Walker Feature: Linda Buyers

Linda Byers has been living with Parkinson’s disease for the past seven years and has found strength and comfort through the support and involvement with Parkinson’s Society Southwestern Ontario.

After Linda received her diagnosis, like many others, she felt lost and alone. She didn’t know where to turn to or who to go to and did not know much about this disease or how it would impact her life.

Throughout her Parkinson’s journey, she has learned a great deal of information about the disease and its complexities and unpredictable nature. The Parkinson’s community has given her reassurance that she is not alone and there are people there to support her. She values the people in the community as they have her back and help find answers to any questions she has. Through the many support groups Parkinson Society offers Linda says there is something for everyone and she encourages others with Parkinson’s to get involved in one of them. She points out the importance of talking with others about your symptoms and experiences, as dealing with an unpredictable disease and uncertain future can be difficult to cope with at times.

Linda also gives back by helping others through volunteering her time at Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario specifically by working on the Walk that aims to increase Parkinson’s awareness and funding for treatment and support for those affected with the disease. Linda values that money raised during these walks is not only used for research funding but is used locally to help make a difference for individuals with Parkinson’s and their caregivers in her own community!

Linda remains strong, determined, and involved despite the uncertainty of the disease. She does this by managing her symptoms the best she can with exercise and support. Her perseverance and willingness to help others are an example of the amazing individuals that are part of the Parkinson’s community.