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It was only last June that Tristan O’Mally learned of his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. Since then, he has been coming to terms with the diagnosis and awaiting admittance into a movement disorders clinic. Tristan shares that it has been a frustrating process because he does not know when he will be admitted. Despite this understandable frustration, Tristan remains patient with the fact that the clinics are doing their best in this unprecedented time.

Tristan did not wait long before getting in contact with organizations such as Parkinson’s Canada and Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, and he recommends that others do the same. He remarks that these organizations have lots of great information and provide other forms of support as well. In the time since his diagnosis, Tristan has learned a few things that he wishes others would know as well: Parkinson’s is not a disease that exclusively affects older people (being a younger man himself), and that it is much more than a movement disorder.