Music Choir

A Parkinson’s Choir is a fun and engaging way to meet functional goals and provide additional support to those experiencing Parkinson’s disease. As Parkinson’s disease progresses, various aspects of the voice and vocal control will often become affected. In many cases, those experiencing Parkinson’s disease will often find that their speech becomes softer, breathy, and/or hoarse, making it difficult to be understood and in extreme cases, communicate their needs to other healthcare professionals or caretakers.

Vocal Intonation Therapy is the use of vocal exercises to train, maintain, develop, and rehabilitate aspects of vocal control due to neurological, physiological, or functional abnormalities.

Therapeutic singing refers to the more generalized use of singing activities for a variety of therapeutic purposes. In the case of a choir group, this technique can synthesize a range of specific speech, language, respiratory control, and vital capacity goal areas into an integrated therapeutic experience. Therapeutic singing can also be utilized as a physical exercise technique that address global vocal and respiratory strengthening and endurance. Because therapeutic singing allows direct engagement in musical creation, it can be a success-oriented technique, creating motivation and a positive experience.

In addition to the benefits of singing on vocal control and breath support, singing has direct psychological benefits, including both intra-personal growth and development of individual identity. Music psychosocial training and counselling incorporates the use of musical performance to address issues of mood control, affective expression, cognitive coherence, and appropriate social interaction to facilitate psychosocial functions.

Parkinson’s Music Choir is sponsored by Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario

Cost is covered by Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario


An introduction to respiratory exercises and vocal techniques
Fridays @ 11:00 am – 12:00 noon (by Zoom)

Intermediate focuses on exercises and singing techniques
Fridays @ 10:00 am – 11:00 noon (by Zoom)

*Participants must live in Southwestern Ontario
**Space is limited. 


Sophia Christopher is an Accredited Music Therapist, a Registered Psychotherapist and Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow.

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