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In every community across Canada this morning, nearly 100,000 people woke up knowing they would experience tremors, slowness, stiffness, impaired balance, difficulty walking, trouble writing, fatigue and weakness. For a person with Parkinson’s, each day can be a struggle to complete common tasks most of us take for granted. Medication can lessen the symptoms, but there is currently no cure for this progressive, neurodegenerative disease. The average age of diagnosis is 55 to 60 years, when many people are still working and raising a family.

Demand for our services is higher now than it has ever been. It is for this reason that we are asking you to consider supporting our efforts.

Our goal is to create a dynamic, rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with our corporate partners. 

Here are a few ways your organization can partner with us to support the Parkinson’s community: 


Sponsor one of our fundraising events, educations events, or programs and services that we run.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Considering adding our organization to your list of charities that you support. You can make a general donation, advertise our organization in your employee giving campaign or consider a matching program.

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We are always looking for different skillsets and resources to help us continue to be current with changing trends in technology, giving and marketing. If your team has skills to share, we’d love to partner with you!

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