Louder, Clearer

You probably notice that people ask you to repeat yourself more than they used to.  In addition, speaking clearly and intelligibly become a little more difficult.  Parkinson’s disease can affect the volume, tone, rhythm and/or rate of speech.  Many people will speak softer and convey less emotion.  Words can be slurred or mumbled.

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario offers group sessions led by speech-language pathologists providing an opportunity to learn and practice skills for louder, clearer speech in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

People who participate in Louder, Clearer:

  • Are provided an opportunity to have their speaking volume and clarity evaluated
  • Identify communication priorities in their everyday activities and their most important or difficult speaking scenarios
  • Practice exercises and techniques to improve vocal loudness and clarity when speaking
  • Can expect sessions designed to be fun, practical and relevant to daily life
  • Are encouraged to be more confident in speaking and social situations

Louder, Clearer: a Parkinson’s Voice Training Program is offered twice a year, generally in the fall and spring in several areas throughout the region.

Cost is covered by Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario

Register early as space is limited.

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