“I used to walk 4-5km a day, now I can’t do that at all”

Monica’s Parkinson’s symptoms started, like many, with twinges in her hand.

“I went to a neurologist and they immediately diagnosed me with Parkinson’s.”

“I used to go for 4-5km walks a day, now I can’t do that at all.”

Monica was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. While many see Parkinson’s as an elder person’s disease, the prevalence of Parkinson’s in younger adults is on the rise.

“But, my mental health is pretty good” shares Monica.

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) has many resources to help people facing this diagnosis. From printed resources to support groups, counselling to community connections, PSSO ensures that every person impacted by Parkinson’s disease in Southwestern Ontario has access to support.

“It’s nice to have people that know what you’re going through… they’ve been a great resource for me and are very helpful” finishes Monica.

If you’re someone who is impacted by Parkinson’s disease, please reach out for support.

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