Parkinson’s… More Than You Can See

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Everyday, we hear from our clients that they wish people could understand their daily struggle and know that Parkinson’s is more than a tremor. Parkinson’s is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder, meaning, it progresses and so does the intensity and severity of symptoms.

Tremors are just the surface issue. Depression, anxiety, restless legs, loss of independence through the loss of a license, ability to dress or bathe. The list of how Parkinson’s can affect someone is endless.

Parkinson’s not only impacts the person diagnosed, but their loved ones. Often, a carepartner is just as impacted as they invest in and work tirelessly to support their partner.

Below, are a few stories of how people living with Parkinson’s are impacted – and yet – prove they are more than their diagnosis. This April, choose to see the person behind the tremor – behind the diagnosis and choose to be part of the hope of bringing support and education into our communities.

Tristan O’Malley

“I have been able to attend online support groups for young onset Parkinson’s. I feel like I learn something every time. I connect with people who are in a similar situation and I feel supported and valued.”

Read Tristan’s Story

Elizabeth Welch

“We had 53 beautiful years together”

Read Elizabeth’s Story

Monica Bos

“I used to go for 4-5km walks a day, now I can’t do that at all. Parkinson Society has lots of resources, it’s nice to have people who know what you’re going through.”

Read Monica’s Story

Harry Schut

” I know this disease will slow me down, but I am bound and determined that it won’t stop me.”

Read Harry’s Story

Robert + Chris’ Story

“I wanted to support my brother-in-law through this ongoing disease”

Read Robert + Chris’ Story

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April Events

Living Well with Parkinson’s Conference Series

Join us this April for our Living Well with Parkinson’s Conference series! The conferences will explore a wholistic approach to living well with Parkinson’s disease. Conferences will be offered in Owen Sound, Fergus, Stratford & Area and Sarnia.