“It started as twinges in my hand…my doctor knew”

Tristan O’Malley and his partner, Karla Livingston, like many were living their lives when they were faced with an unexpected diagnosis.

“It started with twinges in my hand… likely the beginning of tremors” shares Tristan.

When people start to notice symptoms, family doctors have only a few things they can look for to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. “He knew…” says Tristan.

As the couple explored what Parkinson’s disease is and what the future may hold, they knew they couldn’t face it alone.

“Agencies like Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario are essential if you’re trying to navigate something like this” explains Karla.

Together, the pair have been able to attend Support Groups, Tristan has been able to be part of a virtual Young Onset (35+) Parkinson’s Support Group and feel supported and connected to a community who knows what they are facing.

The future is uncertain, but there’s hope to be able to manage well. Watch their story below.

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